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From Spring Flowers... To Meteor Showers... The perfect combination of comfort & beauty. Sun filled mornings & star filled evenings.
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Northern Tropic Solariums
Northern Tropic™ Solariums' parent company has been manufacturing acrylic and wood products for over 20 years. The care and attention to detail that has brought this organization to successfully distribute goods throughout Canada and the United States goes into manufacturing Northern Tropic™ Solariums. Come join our growing family of pleased clientele. Consult your local Northern Tropic™ Solarium dealer for a free in-home design appointment.

Enjoy the natural warmth and beauty of our wood sun beams, combined with the maintenance free aesthetics of an aluminum exterior. This gives you the perfect combination for years of comfort and beauty.


Good Looks
At Northern Tropic™ Solariums we have taken the time to research what pleases the eye most. All Northern Tropic™ Solariums are hand crafted by skilled tradesmen from the highest quality clear fir hem wood available. The exterior finish on Northern Tropic™ Solariums is virtually maintenance free. The enamel finished aluminum glazing battens along with the interior glazing gasket and the pressure plate gasket are not only appealing to the eye, they require no maintenance. The rubber gaskets will not pry or break down over time. Most importantly your Northern Tropic™ Solarium dealer warranties the sun room will not leak. At Northern Tropic™ Solariums every sun room is custom made, so that only you will have a solarium like yours.

Superior Climate Control
All Northern Tropic™ Solariums are glazed with pure continuous acrylic sheets. Acrylic offers a much slower rate of conduction than glass, therefore offering you much more versatility in the amount of time you can spend in your room. Many Northern Tropic™ Solarium customers wish to have extra insulation installed in the floor and walls of their solariums. This extra insulation combined with the warmth of the sun will allow you relaxing comfort virtually all year long. Venting windows and doors extends you the ability to get fresh air in your new special place for even more comfort.

Three Seasons
Our beautiful sunspaces come standard with kiln dried hem fir sunbeams, and all exteriors boast maintenance free aluminum battens holding our continuous 4.5 mm bronze acrylic in place. A trained work force and ample warranties assure you years of worry free sun filled mornings and romantic star filled evenings.

Four Seasons
For year round comfort our clear cedar sunbeams and a variety of glazing options will make your sunroom the toast of all!

No Bugs
Statistics tell us that most North Americans use their decks less than fifty hours a year. Why? Because we are constantly hampered by windy and/or rainy conditions and insects that ultimately turn your existing deck into a very expensive barbeque holder. Go on...take your deck back from Mother Nature. Northern Tropic™ Solarium owners tell us that rainy and windy times have become favourite times to enjoy their special place.

Professionally Installed
All Northern Tropic™ Solarium dealers installation technicians must adhere to a thorough set of ethics, procedures and techniques laid out to them in a factory written installation manual, along with person to person training right at the factory. This rigorous attention to detail ensures you that your Northern Tropic™ Solarium is installed correctly and backed with a warranty that you can rely on. Your three year parts and labour warranty will put your mind at ease.

A Northern Tropic™ Solarium is a room that every member in your family will enjoy. Seniors enjoy the solarium as a greenhouse; teenagers use it as a special place they can entertain friends. Moms....can you think of a more healthy place for tots to play, and an easier way to keep the house toy-free? Husbands and wives...what a romantic place to enjoy dinner under the calm and beauty of a starlit sky.

From Spring Flowers...To Meteor Showers...
Enjoy the freedom of space and light all year round. Vacation in your own home. Have a picnic in December. Live a little, in ways of which you've never dreamed. Our solariums, three or four season, large or small, lend themselves to a variety of uses. Enclose an indoor garden, private pool, or telescope and enjoy spectacular views, distortion free.

Once you own a Northern Tropic™ Solarium, you can relax in nature from within your own Sun Room. Admire your surrounding flowerbeds and greenery as a gentle spring rain brings everything into full colourful bloom. Take advantage of Year Round Comfort. With the luxury of fresh air, climate control, a bug-free environment, protection from the cold, wind and dust, where else can you find anything as splendid? As a natural extension of your favourite living space, tailor your solarium to suit your specific lifestyle. Create your own family entertainment, art studio space, hot-tub retreat, indoor garden, or a romantic getaway with a fireplace to create that perfect atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy spectacular sunsets, then within your personal observatory, view the moon, stars or meteor showers. In the mornings, witness the remarkable sunrise in full view, for your pleasure. There are unlimited interior features from which to choose; and our attention to detail creates a special environment designed for you. Framed in natural wood, the splendour of a wide open view is no longer a dream.

Northern Tropic™ Solariums offers standard and custom packages manufactured to your specifications. Each solarium is supplied with detailed drawings showing how your solarium will look before it's installed. You can either have it professionally installed or do-it yourself installation. Enjoy your year-round affordable and personal vacation spot. Fun in the sun as you entertain in your Northern Tropic™ Solarium. Relax in the casual comfort and elegant style of your own home. Who needs Miami? Just think, you can truly enjoy the outdoors...indoors. A Northern Tropic™ Solarium gives you a spectacular view of nature framed by western red cedar and hem-fir beams. Protected from snow, wind, dust and rain by a wide range of insulation glass products, ease back in all the extra time afforded by the maintenance free aluminum exterior.

Northern Tropic™ Solariums offers a full written warranty that states your new Northern Tropic™ Solarium will be free of defects in material for years of comfort and enjoyment. Contact your local dealer for details.
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